It's time for a new generation of data tools. Ones that are intuitive and user-friendly. Tools that not only show the data but also bring out the stories. Data tools that can be used by anyone.

Easily produce engaging stories and reports with charts, images, videos, and written context. Fast to create and always up to date.

Display numbers on maps and analyze your data visually. See high and low performing regions light up and regional clusters appear on country, state, county, and city level.

Open your data up for anyone to analyze with LiveStories Play and enable your stakeholders to have their questions answered as fast as they can type.

Smarter Insights

Watch LiveStories "automagically" suggest the most interesting visualizations - pin your favorites and create customized charts.

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Faster Reporting

Bring everyone up to speed in minutes, not days. Quickly create beautiful reports and share them with your team or the world.

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Better Results

Use LiveStories to increase knowledge-sharing between departments, break down information silos, and make better decisions on all levels of your organization.

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